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Supporting Victims of Witchcraft Abuse and Street Children in Nigeria

Stepping Stones, 2007.

Stepping Stones Nigeria's recent report into child abandonment and trafficking in Nigeria. This report was recently presented at a conference organised by AFRUCA - Africans Unite Against Child Abuse - in London and lead to a call for urgent action to be taken to explore the link between the branding of children as witches, child abandonment and the risks of child trafficking with a view to devising better safeguarding mechanisms for vulnerable children.

Nigeria acts as the second largest source of child trafficking victims to the UK and the state where Stepping Stones Nigeria works, Akwa Ibom State, has the highest rate of trafficking in Nigeria. There are a number of transit camps in operation in the state and trafficking of children is widespread. The scale of the problem is truly horrific and Stepping Stones Nigeria wishes to seek partnerships and collaboration with other agencies working in this field to prevent the torture and enslavement of innocent children.

Stepping Stones Nigeria is particularly interested in carrying out further reserach into this issue so that effective measures may be taken to stop trafficking at source in Nigeria.

For more information, contact:

Mr. Gary Foxcroft, Director
Stepping Stones Nigeria

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