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Directory of Funding Agencies Working in Developing Countries

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Yayasan Bina Potensi Masyarakat (YAPIM), September 2006. 

Yayasan Bina Potensi Masyarakat (YAPIM) (Institute of Community Potency Motivator) in Indonesia published a book containing 430 names of funding agencies working in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central &  Eastern Europe, Central America, North Africa &  Middle East, South-Eastern Europe, and Newly Independent States.

Program Themes in the book include: environment, sustainable agriculture, pastoral issues, health care, environmental conservation, water and sanitation, community development, micro-credits and micro-business development, technical assistance, food sovereignty, indigenous issues, non-timber forest products, appropriate technology, women's empowerment and children (children program, women program), and human rights, also  other humanitarian issues such as emergency aid.

The book will be useful for NGOs, private organizations, association, volunteers working to community development, charity institution,  and community-based organizations.

The book includes: names of the funding agencies, included headquarters office, available country representative addresses, phone, fax, email and website address. The book also contains some funding agency's proposal formats.


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