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Restore International


3226 Rosedale Street NW
Suite 100
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Contact Information

If calling from United States of America:

Tel: 253 853 3162 (Washington State); 619 523 3300 (San Diego)

If calling from overseas:

Tel: +1 253 853 3162 (Washington State); +1 619 523 3300 (San Diego)



Alternate Address

210 A Street NE
Washington DC 20002


PO Box 60370
San Diego, CA 92166


Restore International is currently working in India and Uganda, providing tools to meet basic needs as well as long-term goals to take children and the poor out of the lives they once were forced in and bring them to a place of hope and restoration.

Specifically, Restore International’s work in India focuses on bringing girls out of forced prostitution and the poor out of bonded slavery with long-term rehabilitation goals. The greatest deterrent to these atrocities is effective law enforcement. 

Through investigation of brothels and plantations, the rescue of minors and slaves, the prosecution of perpetrators and the rehabilitation of victims, these injustices can be abated.  Their work in Uganda focuses on caring for those who have suffered from the past 20 year civil war at the hand of the Lord’s Resistance Army.  They seek to help internally displaced people with safe drinking water, assistance in legal cases, education and safety.

Restore International works with a team of investigators, police liaisons, advocates and local legal professionals to conduct investigations and locate minor girls in prostitution and the poor in bonded slavery.  They plan and coordinate raids with local police.  Once rescued, these girls are placed in government remand homes and later transferred to permanent quality aftercare homes.  Restore International staff counsel the girls and follow up on the criminal court case.
Restore International is working with government officials and other humanitarian organizations in the northern area of Uganda and its capital to bring restoration, hope and a new life back to adults and children who have had their lives stripped away at the hands of the LRA.  They are currently building water wells, designing and constructing schools, aiding in legal matters, and organizing trips for others to experience, learn, and help first-hand.

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