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Chab Dai Coalition


PO Box 1185
Phnom Penh

Contact Information

If calling from Cambodia:

Tel: 012 481 597

If calling from overseas:

Tel: +855 12 481 597




Chab Dai (Joining Hands) is a coalition of Christian Organizations committed to ending sexual abuse and trafficking.

Chab Dai Activities include:

  • Providing help, support and resources to individuals, organisations and churches;
  • Developing and distributing innovative resources to assist with programs working in the areas of prevention through to reintegration;
  • Setting up and operating a resource centre and library
    working with communities, organisations and government ministries to identify strategies to address the issues of sexual abuse and trafficking;
  • Developing training programs to build the capacity of staff working with victims;
  • Facilitating advice clinics to for organisations discuss and address issues relating to their work;
  • Carrying out specific research studies which make recommendations at both program and advocacy levels; and
  • Being committed to praying together for one another and the issues we are facing.

The organisations and ministries associated with Chab Dai are working in the areas from prevention to intervention, restoration and reintegration. These activities are carried out in a wide variance of projects - through:

  • Education in the communities in schools and churches
  • Legal intervention
  • Counselling and social work;
  • Assessment centre;
  • Short and long term shelter programmes; and
  • Vocational training and employment opportunities.

Chab Dai Coalition also uses prevention toolkits to raise awareness amongst children and prevent abuse.

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