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New York City Task Force Against Trafficking


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What is the New York City Task Force?

The New York City Task Force Against the Sexual Exploitation of Young People was formed on October 11, 2000 by ECPAT-USA, Girls Education & Mentoring Services (GEMS) and International Organization for Adolescents (IOFA).

The Task Force, the first effort of its kind, is an independent, non-governmental coalition of individuals, groups and organizations working on behalf of New York City's most vulnerable youth.

What are the Task Force Goals?

1) To document the nature and extent of sexual exploitation and trafficking of children and youth in NYC.

2) To develop best practices for and disseminate information about combating sexual exploitation and trafficking of youth.

3) To serve as a data and technical assistance center on working with trafficked and sexually exploited children and youth.

4) To examine existing laws and lobby for the creation and enforcement of new government policies to protect children and youth from sexual exploitation.

5) To increase youth awareness of and involvement in developing programs for trafficked and sexually exploited young people.

Why is the Task Force Important?

  • Because 1/3 of street youth in NYC earn money through prostitution.
  • Because young people in NYC are at high risk for sexual exploitation in foster care, group homes, shelters and prison.
  • Because NYC's JFK airport has emerged as a major point of entry for human trafficking, including minors, to the United States.
  • Because all children and youth have the right to know their rights and to be protected from all forms of abuse, expliotation and threat of abuse, harm and exploitation.

How do I join the Task Force?

To join the Task Force list-serve, contact ECPAT-USA with a brief description of your organization and/or your interest in working with the Task Force.

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