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The Centre for Research Family Health and Community (CEFACOM)


The Centre for Research Family Health and Community(CEFACOM)
No. 12, Lane 131/31
Thai Ha Street, Hanoi

Contact Information

If calling from Vietnam:

Tel: 0 537 5700
Fax: 0 537 2258

If calling from overseas:

Tel: +84 537 5700
Fax: +84 537 2258




CSAP, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program began its services in 2001 with the focus of preventing child sexual abuse through research and providing support for communities and families who are in need of it.  In 2005, CSAP changed its name to CEFACOM, The Centre for Research Family Health and Community, to reflect the fact that they had expanded in their areas of interest to include a broader range of activities including: direct support to children (and their families) in need of special protection and family health; and community development issues such as environmental sanitation, reproductive health, family health, gender and building capacity for the community.

Since then, CEFACOM has grown to be one of the leading local organizations in child protection and sustainable community development in Vietnam.

CEFACOM believes the lack of awareness of child sexual abuse in Vietnamese society calls for an awakening initiative.  Most of the governmental, NGO or INGO sexual abuse prevention work in Vietnam focuses on “bigger” issues such as trafficking and prostitution.  In addition, when child sexual abuse occurs, the concept of “blaming victims” is still prevalent in Vietnam, and thus, this deters the child and his/her family from reporting the abuse. In response, CEFACOM is using methods such as advocacy, community awareness-raising, capacity building, disclosure, counseling, etc., to ameliorate the situation.

CEFACOM staff perform some of their work against sexual abuse in class rooms where they provide security training for vulnerable children. It took CEFACOM one year to convince the Vietnamese authorities that prevention at an early age is of great relevance.

CEFACOM also established a child sexual abuse reporting system, which helped raise the rate of disclosure in abuse cases and created a more truthful survey of the prevalence. After the disclosure of the cases, CEFACOM provides case management which includes social and legal support and also counseling for victims by direct contact, telephone or on chat rooms on the Internet. CEFACOM believes that disclosure is a factor of great importance for the work against child abuse as “silence is the offender’s friend”.

In 2007, CEFACOM was awarded a small grant from the World Bank to hold a seminar entitled "Preventing child sexual abuse - from theory to practice".

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