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Myanmar National Committee for Women's Affairs


Myanmar National Working Committee for Women's Affairs
64, Kabaaye Pagoda Road

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A national Committee called the Myanmar National Committee for Women's Affairs (MNCWA) was formed July 3, 1996, to systematically implement activities for the advancement of women.

The MNCWA and the Working Committee for the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons (WCPTP) are the principal bodies for addressing the trafficking problem in Burma. They are headed by the Deputy Ministers of the Ministries of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, and Home Affairs, respectively. The bodies work in cooperation with government departments, UN agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and Inter Non-Governmental Organizations.

The MNCWA in collaboration with UNICEF, UNIAP and Save the Children (UK) organized a national seminar on trafficking in persons in May 2003 in Yangon. It focused on identifying root-causes, exchange of information, setting up of strategies, reviewing existing laws regarding trafficking in persons and promoting cooperation between the government agencies and international organizations.

To reduce violence against women in Burma, the following strategies have been adopted and implemented:

(1) Preventive strategy
Awareness raising talks on trafficking, suspected traffickers, their ways of recruiting, trafficking routes and the fate of the victims, are held at school as well as in the community. Traffickers are also warned of the legal consequences.

(2) Protective and enforcement strategy
Training of police, judicial, immigration and related officials to understand the nature of trafficking to help them in prosecution; and restrictions laid down in border crossing trans-national co-operation has been established.

(3) Prosecution Strategy
Advocacy meetings are being held for prosecutors and judges to be aware of the amended trafficking laws and urged to speed up prosecutions and trials. Transnational assistance are being sought for to prosecute traffickers.

(4) Reintegration Strategy
The responsible departments are being urged to receive the victims warmly, give vocational training and any other needs to strengthen their capacity building for reintegration into the society.

In addition, training programs for service providers such as police, prosecutors, judicial personnel, Health officers, Social Welfare officers and MNWCWA members will be provided to increase the awareness of the causes, consequences and mechanisms of violence.


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