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Ministry of Justice, Department of Special Investigations


Department of Special Investigation (DSI)
128 Jangwattana Road,Tung song hong ,Luksi District Bangkok 10210 Thailand

Contact Information

If calling from Thailand:

Tel: 02 831 9888
Fax: 02 831 9888

If calling from overseas:

Tel: +66 2 831 9888
Fax: +66 2 831 9888



The Department of Special Investigations (DSI) of the Ministry of Justice is being developed to handle transnational crime in general, and human trafficking in particular.  The Government and Parliament intend to entrust the DSI with the power to investigate serious, complicated and sophisticated crimes and particularly economic crimes or white collar crimes, transnational and organized crimes; while the police have the power to maintain peace and social order and have the power to investigate street crimes.

The DSI will operate on the basis of a data collection and technology base; therefore, it is like an Intelligence Unit rather than an Army. While the Police still need a foot patrol operation, the DSI will not, but it may be necessary to have a sting operation or sleeper unit to spy on a specific organization or area.

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