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Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation


Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation
2F, No. 66, Sec 1, Chin Shan
S. Rd.
Taiwan, R.O.C.

Contact Information

If calling from Taiwan:

Tel: 022 356 9595
Fax: 022 395 1271

If calling from overseas:

Tel: +886 22 356 9595
Fax: +886 22 395 1271



Other Forms of Contact

Hotline: 02 2393 8080


The Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation (TWRF) works to rescue and provide counseling to women and children victims of prostitution or domestic violence.

TWRF's anti-human trafficking mission was established in 1987 by a group of lawyers, scholars, and social workers to fight on the behalf of girls illegally forced into prostitution. Over the years, TWRF successfully curbed child prostitution by coordinating with the Legislature and other private & public organizations to pass the Juvenile Welfare Act in 1989 and Juvenile Sexual Transaction Prevention Act in 1995.


  • Promote greater public awareness of human trafficking through the media (radio and TV)
  • Monitor sex service advertisements
  • Rescue teenage girl from the sex market
  • Control the expansion of the sex market
  • Establish definitive findings on the present and future role of organized crime in human trafficking
  • Devote more resources towards bolstering research and data collection
  • Set up a report hotline 02-23938080, where the public can report on suspicious human trafficking activities and where victims may seek help

In order to draw public attention to the problem of human trafficking, TWRF initiated a series of protest activities. These protests have culminated in a social movement for justice for the disenfranchised in Taiwan. Faced with a sensitized public, the media have begun to pay closer attention to this issue, covering it at greater length.

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