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Save the Children Fund (Norway)


Save the Children Norway-Lao PDR
P.O. Box 7475

Contact Information

If calling from Lao PDR:

Tel: 021 31 4814
Fax: 021 35 1001

If calling from overseas:

Tel: +856 21 31 4814
Fax: +856 21 35 1001



Alternate Address

Vatnak Road (Group 18)
Ban Thaphalanxay, District Sisattanak


It is Save the Children Norway's (SCN) policy to co-operate with others in order to reduce the number of children engaged in harmful work, and to promote the rights of working children. Measures to assist the children in most urgent need have high priority. Save the Children Norway will contribute to the improvement of children's working conditions, educational opportunities and other supporting measures for child workers.

SCN contributes towards preventing children from being involved in harmful work. SCN will contribute towards the development of information, and engage in advocacy and awareness-raising among families, employers, authorities, organizations and others who have an influence on the situation of working children. SCN emphasizes that working children and their families shall be participants in the development of knowledge, information and programs concerning them. Poverty and social inequality is taken into account in the planning and implementation of activities.


Education for Disadvantaged Children
Research on Child Labor
Vocational Training for Disadvantaged Children

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