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Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union


Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union: Pioneer Department
Saysttha District
Phonthan Road
Lao P.D.R

Contact Information

If calling from Lao PDR:

Tel: 021 416 727
Fax: 021 416 727

If calling from overseas:

Tel: +856 21 416727
Fax: +856 21 416727




The Asia Foundation supports the Lao Youth Union's project to videotape and broadcast their street drama series in four provinces that have high rates of migration. The videos educates the public on safe migration and the prevention of human trafficking.

The Lao Women's Union and the Youth Union, both party-sanctioned organizations, offered educational programs designed to educate girls and young women regarding the schemes of recruiters for brothels and sweatshops in neighboring countries and elsewhere. These organizations were most effective in disseminating information at the grassroots level.

The Lao Youth Union is a part of the Child Workers in Asia Network.

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