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Indonesian Labor Welfare Union/ Serikat Buruh Sejahtera Indonesia (SBSI)


Indonesian Labor Welfare Union
Serikat Buruh Sejahtera Indonesia (SBSI)
Alamat Surat
Jl. Taman Pulo Asem
Utara No. 16

Contact Information

If calling from Indonesia:

Tel: 21 599 3053
Fax: 021 470 3807

If calling from overseas:

Tel: +62 21 599 3053
Fax: +62 21 470 3807


This organization was a member of the "Small Team" which drafted the Indonesian National Plan of Action for the Elimination of Trafficking in Women and Children. The Indonesian National Plan of Action for the Elimination of Trafficking in Women and Children (NPA) was enacted on December 30, 2002 through Presidential Decree Number 88, 2002. The NPA is the “foundation and guidance for the government and the public in the implementation of the elimination of trafficking in women and children.” (KPP, 2002: 4). It is designed to be implemented over a five-year period and then reviewed and revised every five years thereafter

The Contents of the NPA

One of the most important tasks for the Small Team was to develop a working definition of trafficking within the NPA to be used to guide counter trafficking initiatives in Indonesia. As discussed earlier in this report in Chapter II on the Definition of Trafficking, there has been a shift in international discourse on defining trafficking only in terms of sexual exploitation to defining trafficking in terms of other forms of forced labor and slavery-like practices.

The overall objectives of the NPA are:

  • To guarantee improvement and advancement in efforts to protect the victims of trafficking in persons, especially women and children.
  • To formulate preventive as well as punitive measures in the campaign to prevent and combat trafficking in persons, especially trafficking involving women and children.
  • To encourage development and/or improvement in the laws dealing with trafficking in persons activities, especially such activities that involve women and children.

In order to meet these objectives, the NPA is divided into five themes, based on the main interventions to counter trafficking:

  • Legislation and Law Enforcement: establishing legal norms and empowering law enforcers against traffickers
  • Prevention of all forms of trafficking
  • Protection and Victims Assistance: providing rehabilitation and social reintegration for victims of trafficking
  • Participation of Women and Children (Empowerment)
  • Building Cooperation and Coordination (National, Provincial, Local, and International and Regional: Bilateral and Multilateral)

Each theme contains a list of activities to be conducted by government at the national, provincial, district and local levels.1


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