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Archived Events

Event Title Date Country
Temple Committee on Human Trafficking Conference on Human Trafficking 2008 Apr. 10, 2008 Canada
STOP TRAFFIC NOW: 2008 Anti-Trafficking Conference Mar. 21, 2008 USA
United Nations Vienna Forum 2008 Feb. 13, 2008 International
Trafficking of Children & Adolescents as a Public Health Issue Jan. 08, 2008 USA
Greater Mekong Subregion Ministers Hold 2nd Meeting Against Human Trafficking Dec. 12, 2007 Burma
National Consultation for Anti-trafficking Advocates in the Philippines Dec. 08, 2007 Philippines
SNOW Benefit - UNIFEM Singapore Nov. 12, 2007 Singapore
Bought and Sold: Human Trafficking and Bonded Labor in the U.S. Nov. 07, 2007 USA
GAATW International Conference Nov. 05, 2007
Gender and Human Rights in Southeast Asia Oct. 25, 2007
Responding to Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in South Asia: A Regional Conference in India Oct. 10, 2007 South & Central Asia
Human Trafficking Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada Oct. 08, 2007 USA
Effective Strategies to Combat Human Trafficking in Nigeria Sep. 20, 2007 Sub-Saharan Africa
A Dance for Bethany Premiers in North Carolina, USA Sep. 20, 2007 USA
Stakeholder Group Meeting on Human Trafficking Sep. 11, 2007 Cambodia
Mekong Youth Forum on Human Trafficking Sep. 02, 2007
The Mekong Youth Forum on Human Trafficking Sep. 02, 2007
Underworld of Prostitution Aug. 27, 2007 USA
Promoting Child Safe Tourism Policies to Prevent Trafficking in Children and Women for Labour and Sexual Exploitation in Cambodia Aug. 27, 2007 Cambodia
Lecture on Human Trafficking - Melbourne, Australia Aug. 20, 2007 Australia
Film Showing in Chiang Mai about Child Prostitutes from Burma Aug. 14, 2007
Events in Cambodia August 2007 Aug. 06, 2007 Cambodia
International Seminar on the Prevention and Sanction of Trafficking in Persons Jun. 21, 2007 Central & South America
Strategies to Combat Human Trafficking Jun. 14, 2007 Sub-Saharan Africa
Updates on Events in April and May 2007 (Cambodia) Jun. 04, 2007 Cambodia
Bilateral Workshop on Cambodian Child Beggars in Thailand May. 31, 2007 Cambodia
Human Rights and Human Trafficking May. 25, 2007 Europe & Eurasia
Sub-Mekong Regional Workshop for Judges and Prosecutors on Human Trafficking May. 22, 2007
Human Trafficking of Asian Citizens into the Western Hemisphere May. 21, 2007 USA
Clearwater Area Task Force & Tampa Bay Rescue and Restore Regional Coalition on Human Trafficking Meeting May. 21, 2007 USA
Sub-Mekong Regional Meeting of Specialist Human Trafficking Police Units May. 21, 2007
CHASTE - Churches Alert to Sex Trafficking Across Europe May. 20, 2007 Europe & Eurasia
The Art of Freedom May. 19, 2007 USA
Florida Human Trafficking Conference May. 16, 2007 USA
Freedom Network - USA May. 15, 2007 USA
United Nations Regional Inter-Agency Meeting on Human Trafficking May. 07, 2007
Modern Day Slavery: Human Trafficking Revealed May. 04, 2007 USA
Globalization, Migration & Human Trafficking Conference May. 02, 2007 USA
National Press Club "NEWSMAKER" Panel on Human Trafficking Prevention May. 01, 2007 USA
Human Trafficking Awareness Seminars - Idaho, USA Apr. 30, 2007 USA
Human Trafficking Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, USA Apr. 26, 2007 USA
Cultural Considerations in Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking Apr. 24, 2007 USA
Human Trafficking Event at The George Washington University Apr. 24, 2007 USA
Promise to Protect Apr. 23, 2007 Europe & Eurasia
Events in Cambodia April - May 2007 Apr. 23, 2007 Cambodia
Illegal Trade: An Evening of Film and Discussion Apr. 21, 2007 USA
Birth Registration and Statelessness in Thailand Apr. 20, 2007
Call for Papers & Artists: 2007 Human Trafficking Conference and Art Exhibition Apr. 18, 2007 USA
Human Trafficking Conference at South Texas College Apr. 18, 2007 USA
ECPAT USA Events in April 2007 Apr. 12, 2007 USA
Southern Methodist University Symposium on Human Trafficking Apr. 10, 2007 USA
UNIAP Thailand Inter-Agency Working Group Meeting Apr. 04, 2007 Thailand
Hear My Voice: Identifying and Assisting Trafficked Persons Mar. 21, 2007 Middle East & North Africa
Dissemination Workshop on a Study into Exploitative Labour Brokerage Practices in Cambodia Mar. 16, 2007 Cambodia
Human Trafficking Seminar: CIS/SEE Jan. 17, 2007 USA
Europe & Eurasia
WIFLE, EUROPOL, and NCWP Human Trafficking Seminar Jan. 17, 2007 USA
Europe & Eurasia
The Mekong Challenge – Underpaid, Overworked and Overlooked: The Realities of Young Migrant Workers in Thailand Dec. 13, 2006
Presentation of New Mahidol University/ ILO Publication Dec. 13, 2006
Campaign Against Child Trafficking: December 12 Dec. 12, 2006 Vietnam
Marshaling Every Resource: Princeton University Human Trafficking Conference Dec. 01, 2006 USA
World AIDS Day Dec. 01, 2006
Human Trafficking: A Global Challenge in Our Own Backyard Nov. 30, 2006 USA
Judicial System Workshop Nov. 30, 2006
UNIAP Meetings in Cambodia Nov. 21, 2006 Cambodia
Child Wise Art Auction Nov. 16, 2006 Australia
Preventing Abuse Conference on Human Trafficking and Child Protection Nov. 13, 2006 USA
Money & Movements Nov. 09, 2006
Thai Inter-Agency Working Group on Trafficking (UNIAP) Nov. 08, 2006 Thailand
Prostitution of Minors in the German-Czech-Austrian Border Region Nov. 07, 2006 Europe & Eurasia
Costa Rica, Thailand, Ukraine: A Breakthrough in the Fight Against Trafficking in Minors Oct. 31, 2006 Europe & Eurasia
Central & South America
Human Trafficking and Predation Seminar Oct. 27, 2006 USA
TRAFFICKED Oct. 27, 2006 USA
Dreams of Freedom Conference & Art Show Oct. 21, 2006 USA
Human Trafficking in Sexual Exploitation: Demand Side Seminar Oct. 13, 2006 Europe & Eurasia
National Human Trafficking Conference Oct. 03, 2006 USA
Towards the Elimination of Human Trafficking - Nigeria Sep. 28, 2006
Conference on Survivors of Sex Trafficking Sep. 28, 2006 USA
"Tackling Human Trafficking and Illegal Migration as a Development Issue in Commonwealth and Francophone African Countries" Seminar & Luncheon Sep. 27, 2006 USA
Protecting Children: The Battle Against Child Pornography and Other Forms of Sexual Exploitation Sep. 27, 2006
Hiding in Plain Sight: Finding and Protecting Child Victims of Trafficking Sep. 20, 2006 USA
2006 Human Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation National Seminar Sep. 18, 2006 USA
11th International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma Sep. 14, 2006 USA
Human Trafficking Awareness Seminars, Idaho, USA Sep. 08, 2006 USA
International Forum of the Asia-Pacific Region Aug. 30, 2006
Regional Training on Human Trafficking Aug. 28, 2006
Regional Inter-Agency Working Group Meeting on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) Aug. 24, 2006 Vietnam
Events in Cambodia - August 2006 Aug. 01, 2006 Cambodia
Central Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking Aug. 01, 2006 USA
MTV EXIT Sarajevo / La Strada Bosnia & Herzegovina Jul. 29, 2006
La Strada Bosnia & Herzegovina: Video Link Conference Jul. 12, 2006
Events in Cambodia - July 2006 Jul. 01, 2006
Thai Inter-Agency Working Group Meeting Jun. 30, 2006 Thailand
4th Annual Australian Charity Concert To Raise Funds for Disadvantaged Children Jun. 24, 2006 Cambodia
Crossroads of Control: Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Jun. 23, 2006 USA
COMMIT Clarity Workshop Jun. 22, 2006 Burma
Gender and Human Rights Conference Jun. 21, 2006
International Conference on Child Labour, Abuse and Neglect Jun. 20, 2006 USA
Organizing Migrant Workers to Fight Slavery and Exploitation on U.S.A. Farms Jun. 06, 2006 USA
Safe Environment for Children: Joint Parental Response Jun. 05, 2006
International Children’s Day Jun. 01, 2006 Cambodia
Oxfam International: Validation/ Learning Workshop Jun. 01, 2006 Vietnam
Civil Society and Government Collaboration to Combat Trafficking in Persons in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region May. 22, 2006 Vietnam
Vietnamese Youths United Against Human Trafficking At The Human Race of Silicon Valley May. 13, 2006 Vietnam
Fourth Senior Officials Meeting on Human Trafficking in Cambodia May. 10, 2006 Burma
Governments, Workers' and Employers' Organizations From 5 Mekong Countries Gather to Discuss Human Trafficking Prevention May. 08, 2006 Cambodia
Birth Registration, Citizenship, and Thai Hill Tribes Apr. 27, 2006
Illinois Rescue and Restore Outreach Day Apr. 22, 2006 USA
Becoming Natasha Apr. 22, 2006 USA
Multicultural Aspects of Child Sexual Abuse Summit & Training Apr. 07, 2006 USA
Sexual Trafficking Breaking: The Crisis of Silence Apr. 07, 2006 USA
Events in Cambodia - April 2006 Apr. 04, 2006 Cambodia
Freedom Network Conference USA Mar. 14, 2006 USA
Events in Singapore for International Women's Day Mar. 03, 2006 Singapore
Workshop on Thai-Lao Cross-Border Collaboration to Find Missing Trafficking Victims in Thailand Feb. 27, 2006
Events in Cambodia - February 2006 Feb. 01, 2006 Cambodia
Training Conference in Florida - Human Trafficking: Identify, Rescue and Restore Feb. 01, 2006 USA
Non-citizenship Children's Day Jan. 06, 2006
Events in Cambodia - January 20061 Jan. 01, 2006 Cambodia
Roundtable Debate on "Forced Migration in Southeast Asia: From Concepts and Realities to Candid Research and Action Plans" Dec. 19, 2005
Call for Contribution for a Thematic Workshop "Sexuality and Family Relationships" (French or English) Dec. 15, 2005 Cambodia
Human Trafficking in Maine: A Hidden Crime Dec. 07, 2005 USA
Combating Human Trafficking: Global Efforts to End Violence Against Women, Washington, DC Dec. 05, 2005 USA
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery Dec. 02, 2005 USA
Events in Cambodia - December 20051 Dec. 01, 2005 Cambodia
Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking from Southeast Asia to Taiwan Nov. 28, 2005 Taiwan
2nd Oxfam-Quebec's Annual Anti-human Trafficking Inter-provincial Meeting Nov. 25, 2005 Vietnam
Symposium: Combating Human Trafficking in Asia: A Strategy for Action Nov. 16, 2005 USA
IDB Forum on the Americas: Trafficking talk in Washington, DC Nov. 15, 2005 USA
Human Trafficking and Child Abduction Conference Nov. 09, 2005 USA
Regional Seminar "New Voices from the Mekong Region: Women in the Public Arena" Nov. 07, 2005
Events in Cambodia - November 20051 Nov. 01, 2005 Cambodia
AWID International Forum on Womens Rights and Development Oct. 27, 2005
Trafficking Conference: Washington, DC Oct. 27, 2005 USA
UK: Public Screening of "STOLEN CHILDHOODS" Oct. 19, 2005
Events in Cambodia - October 2005 Oct. 01, 2005 Cambodia
Contemporary Slave Trade: A Symposium on Human Trafficking Sep. 28, 2005 USA
Contemporary Slave Trade: A Symposium on Human Trafficking Sep. 28, 2005 USA
Women in Asia Conference Sep. 26, 2005 Australia
Fall forum to Explore Sex Slavery in Connecticut, USA1 Sep. 26, 2005 USA
Promoting Standards for Socio-Cultural Research on the Issues of HIV/AIDS and Trafficking Sep. 19, 2005
Exhibition: Human Trafficking in the Form of Child Begging Sep. 09, 2005
Events in Cambodia - September 2005 Sep. 01, 2005 Cambodia
International Migration in Thailand: A New Report Aug. 23, 2005
Forum on Trafficking in Australia Aug. 12, 2005 Australia
31st Annual North American Victim Assistance (NOVA) Conference Aug. 07, 2005 USA
Khmer Concert in Australia Aug. 06, 2005 Australia
Documentary Screening of B.A.T.A.M. in Singapore Aug. 04, 2005 Singapore
Assemblywoman Sally Lieber Presents Trafficking Bill in California Jul. 12, 2005 USA
International Conference: "Transborder Issues In the Greater Mekong Sub-region" Jun. 30, 2005
Commodity, Consumer, Entrepreneur?: Women and the Marketplace Jun. 23, 2005 USA
US Congressional Hearing on Trafficking Jun. 22, 2005 USA
The National Center for Victims of Crime: First National Conference of Forging Alliances-Building Leadership Jun. 20, 2005 USA
Stop Violence Against Children East Asia and the Pacific Jun. 14, 2005
The Young Women's Feminist Advocacy and Leadership Institute (YWLI) South and South East Asia Jun. 13, 2005
UN Study on Violence against Children: Experts Meeting on Violence in Cyberspace Jun. 12, 2005
Conference in Washington, DC: "Unwilling, Unpaid, Unseen: Uncovering Human Trafficking in the Nation's Capital" Jun. 09, 2005 USA
Strategic Planning Workshop on Anti-trafficking Response May. 10, 2005 Vietnam
ILO-IPEC and Vietnam Organization Launch National Stakeholder Ownership Workshop Apr. 26, 2005 Vietnam
ALERT (Arizona League to End Regional Trafficking) Conference on Trafficking Apr. 18, 2005 USA
Dimensions of Human Trafficking: A Legal & Social Framework Apr. 15, 2005 USA
Trafficking in Persons: Global Crisis, Global Perspective A Symposium on Human Trafficking Apr. 07, 2005 USA
Trafficking Panel, Washington, DC Apr. 01, 2005 USA
Coordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative against Trafficking (COMMIT) Senior Officials Meeting 3 Mar. 29, 2005 Vietnam
Third Annual Freedom Network (USA) Conference Mar. 21, 2005 USA
Harvard University Hosts a Panel on Human Trafficking Mar. 10, 2005 USA
Hearing to be Held in California on Trafficking Feb. 25, 2005 USA
Trafficking Conference, Philippines Feb. 10, 2005 Philippines
Mirror Art Group and UNIAP to present Research findings on "Child Beggars" Feb. 07, 2005
Social Services of Cambodia Offers 30 day Course on Basic Social Work Skills Jan. 24, 2005 Cambodia
The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) World Conference 2004 Dec. 16, 2004 Philippines
International Human Rights Day Dec. 10, 2004 USA
ASEAN Signs Declaration Against Trafficking in Persons Particularly Women and Children Nov. 29, 2004 Lao PDR
16 Days of Activism 2004 Nov. 25, 2004
The Mountains Will Rock Nov. 20, 2004
Human Trafficking in Cambodia: Finding Local and Regional Solutions to a Global Problem Nov. 16, 2004 Cambodia
"Invisible Chains: Breaking the Ties of Trafficking in Persons" Conference Nov. 12, 2004 USA
Expert Group Meeting on Protection of Victims of International Trafficking and Promotion of Public Awareness Campaign Nov. 10, 2004 South Korea
A Gala Charity Screening of Lilya 4-ever Oct. 22, 2004 Singapore
Entertainer Ricky Martin Speaks Out Against Child Sex Tourism Oct. 20, 2004 USA
The Invisible Trade: Human Trafficking Oct. 16, 2004 USA
Mekong Children's Forum on Human Trafficking Oct. 11, 2004
A Practitioners Perspective on Human Trafficking Oct. 08, 2004 USA
Trafficking Conference, San Diego, USA Oct. 01, 2004 USA
Conference: Trafficking - Prostitution - AIDS Sep. 26, 2004 Cambodia
US Congressional Hearings Sep. 21, 2004 USA
INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM People Trafficking, Human Security & Development Sep. 01, 2004 Australia
Cambodian Childrens Forum on Human Trafficking & Cambodian Childrens Agenda for Action on Human Trafficking Sep. 01, 2004 Cambodia
Vietnam's Children's Forum Aug. 22, 2004 Vietnam
International Consultation on Ministry to Women in Prostitution Wisconsin, USA Aug. 07, 2004 USA
Australia: Training on Prostitution & Trafficking Issues Aug. 06, 2004 Australia
The Bali Process: Building Regional Cooperation to Combat People Smuggling and Trafficking in Persons Jul. 29, 2004 Australia
International Campaign on Women Human Rights Defenders Launched Jun. 30, 2004
New Zealand: Seminar on International Courts and Tribunals Jun. 28, 2004 New Zealand
Conference: Trafficking – Prostitution - AIDS Jun. 24, 2004 Cambodia
Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking in Asia, Japan, June 2004 Jun. 23, 2004 Japan
Bali Process Meeting Brisbane, Australia 7-8 June 2004 Jun. 07, 2004 Australia
Thailand to Hold Government Workshop on Human Trafficking May. 13, 2004
Cambridge, MA: Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery Symposium Apr. 24, 2004 USA
SUHAKAM Forum on Trafficking in Women and Children Kuala Lumpur Apr. 13, 2004 Malaysia
Indonesia to Host Child Trafficking Conference Mar. 28, 2004 Indonesia
Freedom Network Conference Reviews Mar. 03, 2004 USA
Second Annual National Trafficking in Persons Conference Mar. 03, 2004 USA
13th Session of Ad Hoc Committee on Elaboration of a Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime Feb. 02, 2004
Philippines: Visayan Forum Holds Anti-Trafficking Events… Nov. 18, 2003 Philippines
Human Rights Challenge of Globalization in Asia-Pacific-US: The Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children Nov. 13, 2003 USA
Stop the Traffic II Conference Australia Oct. 23, 2003 Australia
Declaration of ASEAN Concord II Oct. 07, 2003 Cambodia
South Korea hosts Expert Group Meeting on Prevention of Trafficking Sep. 22, 2003 South Korea
South Korea hosts Expert Group Meeting on Prevention of Trafficking Sep. 22, 2003 South Korea
2nd Ministerial Regional Conference on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime, Bali, Indonesia Apr. 29, 2003 Indonesia
Tentative Agenda of the 2nd Bali Regional Ministerial Conference Apr. 27, 2003 Indonesia
TIP Conference International Conference of Activists Pathbreaking Strategies in the Global Fight Against Sex Trafficking Feb. 23, 2003 USA
Tokyo International Symposium on the Trafficking of Children Feb. 20, 2003 Japan
Japan: ILO/Asia Foundation Discuss Japan's Anti-Trafficking Policies Jan. 22, 2003 Japan
Wilson Center Conference Jan. 06, 2003 USA
Illegal Labour Movements: The Case of Trafficking in Women and Children Bangkok, Thailand Nov. 28, 2002
Conference on Trafficking of Persons in Asia Nov. 13, 2002 USA
UNIFEM and Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinate resources to fight trafficking in Asia - "Promoting Gender Equality to Combat Trafficking in Women and Children" Bangkok, October 7-9, 2002 Oct. 07, 2002
Bali Conference Feb. 26, 2002 Indonesia
A Second World Congress on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Dec. 17, 2001
The Asian Regional Initiative Against Trafficking (ARIAT) in Women and Children Mar. 01, 2000 Philippines


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